Founded: 2008

Founders: Steven Pryor & Gregg Rojewski



PACK THE CAR is a grass roots effort started to offer a more convenient method to donate food and clothing for local community support groups. Most donations come into these organizations during the holidays, but it's the time in between when these organizations need our help. The setup is quite literal. We park a car in a busy intersection with heavy pedestrian and auto traffic. Signs are set on the car indicating the location to drop off food or clothing. The goal is raise awareness, offer a convenient drop off and to pack the car full immediately dropping off the collections to the local organization supporting the immediate area. The first PACK THE CAR was held in Andersonville (Chicago) at the corner of Clark St. and Berwyn. CARE FOR REAL is the local organization supporting residents in the Edgewater neighborhood which Andersonville belongs. During the Saturday morning drive, we literally packed the car with only room for a driver. Boxes of food and clothing were dropped off filling up half of the receiving area. It was the enthusiasm of friends, family and neighbors that made the event so successful. Check back often for dates and locations of the next PACK THE CAR.


What We’re Doing

Announced of 2014

January 2014 - announced dates for the first 6 months..  

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